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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) - In vitro antiviral activity

• In vitro Antiviral Activity ( anti- H.I.V-1)

Experimental design


P-MAPA dissolved in dimethylsulfoxide was added to T4 lymphocyte culture (CEM-IW strain)(range of 1.8 x 10?6 to 5.7 x 10-10 M) and then added to HIV-1.


Uninfected and infected cells without P-MAPA treatment were used as basic control.


Essentially, the test involve the T4 lymphocyte death, by HIV-1.


Results :


The experiments showed that P-MAPA is inactive against HIV-1 virus in vitro.


• P-MAPA Effect on HIV-1 Virus in Infected Cells ( viral replication)


HIV- T4 lynphocyte culture


The experiment was carried out in 5 ml of 8 x 105 T4 lymphocyte culture (CEM cells) in CIM and infected with 103 TCID50 of HIV-Ib .


P-MAPA did not interfere with the CEM viability and p55 ELISA test showed to be the same dosage than the control samples


Conclusion : P-MAPA has no effect on virus production ( viral replication) when added to infected CEM cells.

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