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Table of contents

Table of contents


Product Monograph

 * Orange  text links below, are provided to downloadable documents and detailed descriptions of available experimental data.

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• P-MAPA : Overview

General properties of P-MAPA

• Chemical properties

• P-Mapa- Structural formula

Mechanism of Action of P-MAPA

• Proposed mechanism of therapeutic action of P-MAPA

Preliminary Immunomodulating Activities

• Lymphoproliferative Effect of P-MAPA on Splenic Cells (under construction)

• Plaques Forming in Splenic Cells Induced by P-MAPA (under construction)

•  P-MAPA effect on human toll-like receptors (under construction)


• P-MAPA effect in dendritic cells development and maturation (under construction)


Use of P-Mapa in Disease States

Animal Models of Infection -Intracelullar pathogens

Bacteria, protozoan and virus

• Listeriosis

• Malaria

• Tuberculosis 

• Visceral leishmaniais

• Phleboviruses -Punta toro virus

• Parvovirus and Canine distemper virus 

Animal Models  of cancer

• Antitumoral Effect of P-MAPA on  urinary bladder cancer

• Antitumoral Effect of P-MAPA on Lewis lung carcinoma (3LL)

• Antitumoral Effect of P-MAPA on Renal carcinoma (RENCA)

• Antitumoral Effect of P-MAPA on Mammary Carcinoma and Plasmacitoma

• Antitumoral Effect of P-MAPA on Walker 256 Tumor

• Antitumoral Effect of P-MAPA on Prostate Tumor  



Toxicity and Safety

Toxicity in vitro and animals

Toxicity in vitro

• Preliminar Toxicity in mitochondria - Cytotoxicity -V 79 cell line

• Chromosomal Aberrations

Toxicity in Animals

Toxicity in mice

• LD50 in Mice

•Acute Toxicity in mice

• Oral Acute Toxicity in Mice (single dose)

Toxicity in Rats

• 12 Week Multiple Dose Toxicity in Rats

• Reproduction and post-natal toxicity in rats

Toxicity in mice - Teratogenicity in mice

• Effect of P-MAPA on Intra-ocular Graft Tooth Germ Development

• Effect of P-MAPA on Tooth Germ and Palate Development

Toxicity in Monkeys

• 4 Week Multiple Dose Toxicity in primates


• Plasma levels of P-MAPA at diferent doses in rats


• Pharmacocinetic parameters of P-MAPA and target organs for Mg2+ ions

Preclinical conclusions

•Animal models  (under constructon) 

Safety in Humans

• Clinical Trial Phase I - HIV + patients

• Anti-viral properties ( anti-HIV-1) in vitro

• Virus replication in vitro

Clinical Trials


• Preliminary clinical study with AIDS patients 


• Bibliographic references (under construction)


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