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Nanocrystal technology in pharmaceuticals



The use of poorly water soluble molecules in pharmaceutical area has grown. Since these molecules exhibit low oral bioavailability, they are not used in intravenous administrations. Therefore, it is necessary to develop their new formulations with the aim to increase their oral bioavailabilities as to enable intravenous applications.


One of the few possibilities in achieving this is a nanonization process that can produce crystals smaller than 1 μm by high pressure homogenization and without use of organic solvents. This mini-review describes technical aspects of the nanocrystal production, morphological aspects (polymorphisms), the market relevance of the nanocrystals products that are already in clinical phase or at the market, as well as, perspectives for the near future


Quím. Nova vol.33 no.1 São Paulo  2010

doi: 10.1590/S0100-40422010000100028 

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